Nice to meet you, Yael Giveon – 32, from Tel Aviv, Israel 
I have a degree in Interior Design from the College of Management, and I am a
graduate of Shenkar College of Jewelry.

In goldsmithing and jewelry design I found my true passion.

I create jewelry because for me a piece of jewelry can make the entire look 
my jewels are unique, eternal and have a presence and saying.
With the right jewelry, you are in the zone.

In my collections you will find sharp, geometric shapes, textures and items with
One of the outstanding features of my brand is that it is unisex!
The pieces I design are mysterious, bold and up-to-date. I believe jewelry should
have a great presence, most of my pieces are massive, Three dimensional, with
influence from the world of architecture. These features accentuate the
jewelry, revitalize it, and enable it to turn into pieces that cannot be ignored.

I use 925 silver in combination with 14 karat gold, black diamonds and brass coated
with silver or 24 karats gold.

my jewelry is created with sensitivity, passion, and layers 
They will peel off yours, penetrate deeply, and reveal who you really are.